State of Series

As you all know, things have been rather quiet lately, due to most of the admins being busy with school and jobs. So here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening behind the scenes on some of your series.

Douyara- Currently in QC with our partner Imanity Scans

Isekai Shoukan- Currently in TS right now. Can’t say much other than that.

Konosuba- Has the same translator as Douyara and currently the translator is a bit busy with irl stuff, so hasn’t translated much of this series right now.

Magika- Translator for this series has left us quite a bunch of chapters to go through mainly because IRL will be taking a hold of his time and then some. So right now, we might be looking into finding a new translator for this series.

Bahamut- Translator for this series is the Magika translator, unlike Magika though, the translator hasn’t left us with extra chapters for this series. So right now the series is stalled.

Rikekoi- Previous translator left a few chapters ahead of release, although said translator got busy with school, so things got slowed down, luckily found another one but will like it if anyone else wants to step in and help as well.

AGM- Same thing with the rikekoi as they have the same translator and same “new” one as well.

Trinity 7- I think most of you know about this already but since Fallen Angel Scans has dropped the series, we had dropped this as well. Mainly because they were the ones doing the translator for this series.

29 JK- Translator for this series is from Fallen Angel Scans, and from what I heard, the translator is busy with IRL stuff as well.

So right now currently, we are looking for translators mainly. Stay tuned for something later tonight for a release.

Trinity Seven Chapter 77-81 + News

As you can see, FAScans has dropped Trinity Seven meaning there would be no more releases. They were in charge of the translation for the series and with them dropping it, we here at the CATScans cannot continue as well as we do lack the translators for series. Same with the reasoning for FAScans, Yen Press is closing in with the raws. Regardless, Thank you for the support thus far and support the author of the series!

You can download the chapters: Here

Online Reader : Here

New Years Update

Well, since the new year is here, guess I can give everyone a little bit of a status update on where CatScans is on some of our late projects…

As with all scans groups, we are short staffed. Specifically, translators. Several of our projects are missing TL’s, and we can’t move forward with out them. We only have 2 active TL’s. As such, we need more if we are to continue our various series.

That being said, we also haven’t officially dropped ANY projects either. We just can’t work with no scripts. We don’t want to drop any projects, but we can’t work on them.

Hint hint we need translators!! But for now we don’t really need any other staff until we can get more scripts.


The site is back! Mostly…

Well, here we are, its about 80% workable… There are many things I don’t like, or want to change. But things are back up, and hopefully the issues our host was having previously are corrected as well. Thanks to Mike for all that work he had to do! ( it wasn’t 100% our fault… we think… )

But anyways. Feel free to give suggestions ( just not the side bar blocking Megumin, I’ll be fixing that soon… ) if you would like. Enjoy!

News and Update

As you might have known, not much has been going on lately, due to people having finals and stuff, just to give you guys an idea what happening behind the scenes.

For starters, the translator for Gamers, Blade Dance, Konosuba will be available after June 11th.

Busou Shoujo and Magika are heavy on redraws and we need more redraws for help.

Izure, Rikekoi and Busou Shoujo all have the same translator hence he has to cycle in between series for translations.

Trinity 7 translator is from Fallen Angels and has said that the translator will be finishing up their Madan series before moving on to Trinity 7

Bahamut is in typeset although the one who is doing it is somewhat missing at the moment.

Please do read and if anymore question, please just ask.

Also expect something sometime later.