Douyara Marathon! Chapter 22-39

I know its alot but calm your tits people, there’s alot of booba going around, also a big thanks to hyrule13 in our discord for the series and his team!

It took us 2 years, but we’re finally up to date, and will stay up to date as much as we possibly can.



Douyara update! 3 Chapters!

So heres the update i’ve been sitting on for around 5 days… “I’ll do it tomorrow… Tomorrow for sure!” … Ugh I hate when I do that to myself. Blah

Maria… Is… SO DUMB…. Argh lol
I still can’t wait for the swimsuit chapter. >:3

Chapter 16 p4. I so know our TL was all dokidoki there. hehehe

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Douyara Chapter 11

… Thats right, I swear I’ll be getting more consistent with this series! Promise!

Chapter 11, Mary shows off her ‘cool’ side… Well, thats what every one seems to think. This I have to wonder if this ditsy thing is going to be common place… Its… off to me.

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Douyara update (again)!

So I am uploading more chapters of Douyara. Slowly I might add though. What spurred this update?! Hyrule… and his group Imanity is celebrating their 1st year anni! So I’ll be releasing more Douyara for him!

Since this is a different format than I usually do, my actually “releasing” is getting pushed out over a span of time. But wanted to make the announcement anyways despite this.

Chapters 6-10 will be getting released today. 🙂

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Edit: MangaDex is really slow for me today. Uploading my chapters keep timing out. 🙁



Douyara Update! Chapters 1,2,3 and 5

Ok. First off. Both me and Hyrule have been down due to personal reasons. I can say for myself its been a little tough… Sorry for the delay!!!

But we, surprisingly, both started getting back to this about the same time. So we have several chapters ready. Just need to QC and prep for release.

Chapters 1-3, and 5. Our TL didn’t like the quality from the other group, and wanted to redo the jobs. We all agreed. 🙂

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