News and Update

As you might have known, not much has been going on lately, due to people having finals and stuff, just to give you guys an idea what happening behind the scenes.

For starters, the translator for Gamers, Blade Dance, Konosuba will be available after June 11th.

Busou Shoujo and Magika are heavy on redraws and we need more redraws for help.

Izure, Rikekoi and Busou Shoujo all have the same translator hence he has to cycle in between series for translations.

Trinity 7 translator is from Fallen Angels and has said that the translator will be finishing up their Madan series before moving on to Trinity 7

Bahamut is in typeset although the one who is doing it is somewhat missing at the moment.

Please do read and if anymore question, please just ask.

Also expect something sometime later.

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