New Years Update

Well, since the new year is here, guess I can give everyone a little bit of a status update on where CatScans is on some of our late projects…

As with all scans groups, we are short staffed. Specifically, translators. Several of our projects are missing TL’s, and we can’t move forward with out them. We only have 2 active TL’s. As such, we need more if we are to continue our various series.

That being said, we also haven’t officially dropped ANY projects either. We just can’t work with no scripts. We don’t want to drop any projects, but we can’t work on them.

Hint hint we need translators!! But for now we don’t really need any other staff until we can get more scripts.


4 thoughts on “New Years Update”

  1. not so much to do with the updates or schedule but i do want to know why you guys suddenly made the discord channel require mobile phone authentication, i occasionally posted feedback or participated in conversations on there, but now can’t simply because i cannot afford to OWN a mobile phone, i tried to message and ask staff about this but i couldn’t without adding them as friends (and confusing the hell out of them) and so this is my only real option, please let me know if there’s anyway to FIX this issue without having a phone, either via email or on discord (i’m DemonSora)

  2. The issue was that we were starting to get spam bots posting dubious links in our chats. Sorry this has caused an issue with you being able to partake in chat. I don’t know the inner workings, but perhaps googling the specific error that you get when trying to post might lead you to a clue.

    If you want to send me (Samishii23) a screenshot of the issue, I might be able to assist further.

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