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Are you interested in joining our group? Email us at or  join us in our IRC channel! 🙂

We are always looking for some people who are interested in our love of Manga! We can never get enough translators! We have plenty of possible projects that might interest you, if some of our current ones don’t. Don’t hesitate to check in and ask! =D


Current Position Slots:

Translators: High ( We have plenty of cookies and nip! )

Cleaners: High (mainly looking for magazine cleaners)

Redrawers: High

Typesetters: Low

Proofreaders: Low


  1. What’s the requirement for redrawers? Also is the typesetter position open?

  2. Want to be a redrawer ??

  3. What is a cleaner? What do they do? If someone is going to school, is this path a viable option?

    • Also, if I were to send you guys at Cat Scans, a copy of my work, would that help me get the job?

      • this is pretty much a hobby, so helping out here wont exactly get you a “job” unless you meant the cleaner position, in which you can get the cleaner position if you pass the test

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