Izure Shinwa no Houkago Sensou


The MC is a high school boy named Shinsen Raika, he had his true little sister abducted by a god in a disaster when they were young and was currently standing in the『Academy』on an artificial island in the distant seas.

On the first night, Raika was attacked by the Norse mythological God Brynhildr. who had taken over the body of one of his female classmates. As he was about to be killed, he obtained a special power that lets him give absolute orders to any god using the power of the Eye of Balor.

Using his special power, he stops Brynhildr from killing him and Balor orders her to strip naked as a proof of his power. Raika then uses his power to restore his classmate’s personality which ahd been overwritten by Brynhildr and teams up with her to fight the other gods who had using the other students on the island as hostsi n a proxy war, with the hope of finding the god who had abducted his sister many years ago.

Author: Namekojirushi

Artist: Youta