Douyara update (again)!

So I am uploading more chapters of Douyara. Slowly I might add though. What spurred this update?! Hyrule… and his group Imanity is celebrating their 1st year anni! So I’ll be releasing more Douyara for him!

Since this is a different format than I usually do, my actually “releasing” is getting pushed out over a span of time. But wanted to make the announcement anyways despite this.

Chapters 6-10 will be getting released today. 🙂

Our Reader // Imanity Scans on MD // Douyara on MD // Direct Download

Edit: MangaDex is really slow for me today. Uploading my chapters keep timing out. 🙁



One thought on “Douyara update (again)!”

  1. I’m glad to see a big batch release for this. I’m loving the story so far. Thank you for the work.

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