4 thoughts on “Douyara Marathon! Chapter 22-39”

  1. Chapter 32 seems to have failed to upload properly, it’s missing from Mega and instead there is an “undecrypted file” listed.

  2. Chapter 22, page 5, panel 4: “Clauss-sama” misspelled as “Lauss-sama”

    Chapter 27, page 26, panel 3: “Girts” (quite amusingly) misspelled as “Girls”

    Chapter 36, page 11, panel 3: “The flames of life in her about to vanish, […]” should be “The flames of life in her are about to vanish, […]”

  3. Yes I came just to say..Ch32 needs the encryption key applied to it. Or so they say. Since the rest are there I assume that “undecrypted file” is in fact 32 hiding in plain sight awaiting a key. Nice work and as always thank you.

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