New Years Update

Well, since the new year is here, guess I can give everyone a little bit of a status update on where CatScans is on some of our late projects…

As with all scans groups, we are short staffed. Specifically, translators. Several of our projects are missing TL’s, and we can’t move forward with out them. We only have 2 active TL’s. As such, we need more if we are to continue our various series.

That being said, we also haven’t officially dropped ANY projects either. We just can’t work with no scripts. We don’t want to drop any projects, but we can’t work on them.

Hint hint we need translators!! But for now we don’t really need any other staff until we can get more scripts.


Happy New Year! / Mushoku Tensei Ch 47

… This is a bit of a serious chapter. Pretty much any image is like a spoiler… And as such, none shall be given.

Happy New Years to everyone out there, may the coming year hold more manga for us all!

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Another Joint with Let-It-Go scans!

Hello wor–, I mean new site!

For the time being, I am getting used to all the Word Press fun there is to have when doing this site. Since Cloud did most of the last design ( slap-stick ideas, convolution extreme! )
But it served us well for the time. Until I get more used to this ( or angry enough to quit, and build the site from scratch ), we’ll still be bouncing in and out of maintenance mode.

So in case you do happen upon the site while its out of that mode, you can read this and know somewhat where we’re at with it……